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Monday, April 03, 2006


March 25, 2006 - "Approaching Women: A Great Example"


"Hello suaveguru,

I just wanted to start off by saying you have very valid

points with women. I have worked at bars and restaurants

where women come in looking to hook up with men. And the

cocky-funny attitude works wonders. I'm 22 going on 23

and I have had no problem ever getting women to give me

their number. But there is one problem I do have. That is

timing "the call". When should I call? Plus I used your

"Are you single" approach with this very attractive girl.

She gave me 5 mins of her time and I found out some cool

things about her. She was very hesitant on giving me her

number, but after I sat down to talk to her, she gave me

her number. Well, I called her two days after she gave

me her number and she was on the other line. So she told

me to call her back in 15 mins. I waited 30 and she never

answered the phone. so I left a message. Should I rip up

her number and never call her again? Or should I call her

in a week? Your advise would be greatly appreciated. Plus

why would she give me her number if she planned on not

talking to me in the first place?


>MY COMMENTS: I personally think that this is one of the

funniest questions in the book. I mean, haven't you watched

"Swingers"? lol...

My rule of thumb is to wait at least one day, but not more

than a few. The real key is how OFTEN you call her, and,

more importantly, what you SAY when you call.

But let's talk about the psychology of why women give out

their phone numbers, and why I personally like to get email


You must remember that attractive women are being approached

all the time by men, in one way or another.

They have an unlimited supply of guys to choose from.

I think that a lot of women who give out their numbers, then

respond by being flaky when you call are doing something

that many of us guys wouldn't have thought of in a million


I think they're making themselves feel good.

Explained differently, I think that many women give out

their numbers are looking for the self-image-boosting

hit of power that comes from having a lot of men calling

them... men that THEY have the power to ACCEPT OR REJECT.

They can also use it to get attention from friends:

"All these guys just keep calling me! Why don't they just

leave me alone! Don't the get the hint!?"

Now, don't get me wrong. I know that this sounds a little

bit negative... and I don't mean to say that ALL women

do this, or that ALL women are bad, etc.

To me, it's just part of the real world that you need to

learn to accept and deal with.

Which leads me to why I get email addresses...

Keep in mind, I've tried a lot of different things when

it comes to curing this problem of hot-and-cold women

who act one way when you meet them, then totally

different when you call.

And what I've found is that if you get EMAILS instead,

you not only differentiate yourself, but you also

increase your chances of hearing back from her about

100%. No lie.

For some reason, email has a power that a call does not.

For more info on how to get a "Woman's email within minutes of meeting her" . Click Here. Email is also seen as lower risk by her... and it's easier to

get as well.

Try it. You'll like it.


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